Is shoulder pain getting you down? Did you used to be a happy, fun and sociable person, and now, you don't recognise yourself anymore? Are you out of touch with your friends because you don't want them to see you like this? Have you lost your patience with your family?  Do you feel old?

I'm Anna Tarjan and I am dedicated to get you out of shoulder pain and give you the tools that will help you to stay in your top form and show up in your life in the way that you want to.

There are many solutions out there and I am here to discuss the possibilities and help you identify what would work best for you. Request a call to have a 30-minute conversation about what is going on for you and to create your action plan!

Why shoulder pain

During my studies and early career, I often heard people say that shoulder problems were hard to treat. I accepted the challenge. I play beach volleyball, where shoulder injuries are common; my husband and several of my friends had this problem. Every now and then, a person would come to the clinic with shoulder pain, who had all the possible tests that showed nothing wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed unpicking the puzzle and getting the person back on track, so, my passion for treating shoulders started. Over time, I understood that the people who got the best results were committed to the outcome, and there were certain things we went through with each one of them. I collated all these aspects and brought them together into my three-step system.

My three-step system

Review- in the first step, we take a look at what is going on for you. We explore what is causing your pain, what factors contribute to it, what makes it worse, what makes it better. We then look at all the different areas of your life and identify what we need to tweak to support your recovery.


Restore- with the key issues identified we restore the balance in each area. Here you get out of pain, start to feel great and show up in your life in ways you haven't been able to before.


Reinforce- in the final step, we reassess the situation and identify what tweaks are temporary during the healing process and what adjustments need to stick, so that you stay out of pain and continue to feel great in the long run. You also learn tools that will help you stay in top form and deal with any niggles when 'life happens' and you accidentally 'overdo it'.


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Stop drifting, start swimming!


Anna has been intrigued by how the human body works since she was a child. She wanted to become a doctor. Instead, she let life drift her to studying pharmacy. She worked as a community pharmacist for ten years, where she felt unhappy and unfulfilled. As she was getting closer and closer to her breaking point, life was miserable. Her partner was taking a lot of the strain, and her friends would say things like "You used to be such a fun person to be around". She had enough. She realised that she wanted to make a more profound impact on people's lives. Help them take responsibility and control over their health by recognising the factors in their hands and using this knowledge to take the right action. That was when she stopped drifting and started swimming towards where she wanted to be. She accomplished her next university degree in Acupuncture, allowing her to bring the wisdom of Chinese Medicine alongside her Western approach.

She takes pride in continual learning and has since completed several courses, including and but not limited to: Tui Na Massage, Kinesiology Taping, Self-Myofascial Release.

She is committed to finding you a bespoke solution that will get you out of pain and equip you with the right tools so you can keep yourself in top form.


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